Dystonia Awareness Month is held every September
What DNA does in September to raise awareness
  • We arrange a series of short videos by Australian health professionals and researchers on different topics relating to dystonia. These are made available on our website and our YouTube channel
  • We participate in radio interviews to talk about dystonia and awareness month activities
  • We run our 30 second awareness ad on as many local and community radio stations as we can
  • We ensure neurologists’ rooms are stocked with DNA brochures
  • We hold Zoom get together for our members
  • We aim to hold a competition for members, families and friends to help raise awareness
  • We ask for awareness posters to be displayed in workplaces, shopping centres, libraries, community centres and on social media
  • We have previously held booths at hospitals to raise awareness however this was impacted by Covid-19
  • We have also previously conducted yearly seminars with Australian and international speakers and people with dystonia

Page last reviewed and updated 4 May 2023