Australian Dystonia Awareness Month 1st – 30th September 2021 Incl.

           Dystonia Network of Australia Inc. (DNA)  is the National Peak Organisation for all types of Dystonia in Australia, we are pleased to announce that the Australian Dystonia Awareness Month on the Government Health Calendar for 2021 is the 1st – 30th September inclusive. For more information on Dystonia and the Awareness Month stay tuned to our Press Release  and News Stories pages on our web site or you can Email us if you would like to take part or have any Fundraising or Awareness ideas, we would love to hear from you.

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Brochure – What is Dystonia


Brochure – Writers Cramp


Brochure – Blepharospasm



Brochure – Cervical Dystonia


Brochure – Spasmodic  Dysphonia


Brochure – Genetics in Dystonia

Brochure – Deep Brain Stimulation

Brochure – Generalised Dystonia


Brochure – Psychogenic Dystonia


Brochure – Tremor in Dystonia



Australian Dystonia Awareness Week 2020 The Hills Radio Interview Adelaide 

Adelaide Hills Radio as well as some other country radio stations have been running our ad for dystonia awareness week. Chris Carpenter,  General Manager of Adelaide Hills Radio, interviewed Kerrie & I last Thursday 3rd September 2020 about Dystonia and DNA. We won’t be giving up our day jobs any time soon but it went pretty well except for a couple of audio glitches.
With Permission of  The Hills Radio Adelaide


DNA Dystonia 0.30 sec.  Radio Ad


ABC Health Report on Dystonia

Dystonia Network of Australia Inc. (DNA) is thrilled to announce as part of the Dystonia Awareness week the segment on the ABC Health Report on Dystonia is now playing. DNA members Robyn and Paul are the patients who are telling their Dystonia stories and our DNA Advisory Board Members Associate Professor Victor Fung MDS Neurologist spoke on Botox and its effective treatment of Dystonia and how it works by altering messages from the brain, Associate Professor Stephen Tisch MDS Neurologist spoke about Movement Disorders and what they are, he also spoke on new MRI called a DTI which can show Dystonia the gapes in gene research, and how patients with the gene can sometimes have no symptoms and others without the gene can have the symptoms and finally how therapies are sometimes ahead of understanding conditions and Dr Lynley Bradnam Professor of Physiotherapy (NZ) spoke about Dystonia and what it is and different types of the condition also DBS surgery and how in the early days it was thought it was a hysterical condition and advances in imagery Here is the ABC link:

With Permission of                                                                                                                                                                                                                               James Bullen
Producer, Health Report,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ABC Radio National  Sydney, Australia


Dystonia Network of Australia Inc. (DNA) is the National Peak Body for All Types of Dystonia. 

Dystonia Network of Australia Inc. is a member of the newly formed Australian Patient Organisation Network (APON) in May 2019 which has been formed to support the Australian Not-For-Profit Health Charities sector.   &

We are registered with the  Centre for Community – Driven Research (CCDR) & the lnternational Centre for Community – Driven Research. (ICCDR)

ICD  Classification lnternational  Statistical  Classification  of  Diseases and  Related Health Problems 
(lCD),  a  medical classification list by the World  Health Organisation (WHO). lt contains codes for  diseases,  signs  and symptoms,  abnormal  findings,  complaints,  social circumstances,  and external  causes  of injury or diseases.
Vl Disease of the nervous system.
G20-G26 Extrapyramidal and movement disorders
G24 Dystonia.

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