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2023 Awareness Month Special – Genetics in Dystonia

In this video Australian neurologist Dr Kishore Raj Kumar talks about genetics in dystonia.

2023 Awareness Month Special – Latest Dystonia Research at Australia’s Deakin University

In this video Australian neuroscientist Dr Daniel Corp talks about current dystonia research projects at Australia’s Deakin University.

2023 – Dr Joel Maamary on Dystonia

In this video for the Brain Foundation, Sydney neurologist and PhD student Dr Joel Maamary explains dystonia, its causes and treatments. He also speaks about his current research project evaluating MRI guided focused ultrasound treatment for focal hand dystonia.

2022 – Coping Strategies Living with Dystonia, Pain and Chronic Illness – Tom Seaman Life Coach

This video provides information on coping strategies by Tom Seaman, who has dystonia. DNA is not endorsing Tom Seaman Coaching, but is providing this video as a resource for people with dystonia. Tom volunteers for the United States Dystonia Medical Research Foundation and has carried out significant work in promoting awareness of dystonia.

Oral Medications and Botulinum Toxins

This 2019 webinar was added to YouTube in December 2022. Neurologist Dr Mayank S Pathak discusses oral medications and botulinum toxin for a symposium organised by the United States National Spasmodic Torticollis Association.

2022 DNA Awareness Month Special – Mental Health and Dystonia

In this short video Sydney Movement Disorder Neurologist Dr Florence Chang talks about the effects of mental health on dystonia

2022 DNA Awareness Month Special – Task-Specific Dystonia

In this short video Sydney University Associate Professor Bronwen Ackermann and Dr John White talk about retraining for task-specific dystonia

2022 DNA Awareness Month Special – Tardive Dystonia

In this short video Sydney Movement Disorder Neurologist Dr Stephen Duma talks about tardive dystonia

2022 DNA Awareness Month Special – Australian Research

In this short video Melbourne PhD student Jordan Morrison-Ham discusses her research project on non-invasive brain stimulation techniques

2022 DNA Awareness Month Special – Australian Research

In this short video Sydney PhD student Dr Joel Maamary discusses his research project on MRI guided focused ultrasound in focal hand dystonia

Dystonia and Physical Therapy – Dystonia Medical Research Foundation

This 2022 hour long video from the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation provides excellent information on why physical therapy is important and gives suitable exercises for those with dystonia

International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society

This organisation has some videos about dystonia on its YouTube Channel

Tom Seaman Coaching

Tom is a life coach, author, and speaker who has cervical dystonia. In his YouTube Channel he covers a variety of topics related to health issues and adapting to adversity in life, with tips, tools, and strategies for effective daily living. Videos vary in format from discussions to demonstrations

Benign Essential Blepharospasm

The videos from this symposium cover topics including Oromandibular Dystonia and Meige Syndrome, Overview of Blepharospasm Risk Factors, Botulinum Toxin: Injection Techniques and Toxin Choices, Dry Eyes and Photophobia, Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery for Blepharospasm, Exploring Alternative Management for Blepharospasm and a Q & A Session

Dystonia Europe

Dystonia Europe has a number of informative videos on different types of dystonia and treatment on their YouTube channel. Topics include classification of dystonia, drug treatment and research, botulinum toxin therapy, tremor, functional, cervical, Oromandibular and generalised dystonia, mental health and research projects.

Beyond Dystonia: Are we Detecting and Managing Non-Motor Symptoms Properly? – Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada

This 2022 video covers topics including treating and managing symptoms such as pain, depression and anxiety

Advances in Spasmodic Dysphonia – Dysphonia International

This 2022 hour long video gives an overview of research into Spasmodic Dysphonia and a question and answer session

Botulinum Toxin webinar – Dystonia Medical Research Foundation United States

In this 2022 hour long webinar, Dr Buz Jinnah explains all the considerations to obtain best results with botulinum toxin

Focal Dystonia and the search for a cure

In this 2022 interview, Michael Frazis from Frazis Capital Partners interviews Sydney Neurologist Dr Stephen Tisch about his work relating to focal dystonia

2021 DNA Awareness Month Webinar – Functional Neurological Disorders

In this webinar, Dr Tjerk Lagrand (from The Netherlands and at the time working in Brisbane with Dr Alex Lehn) talks about functional neurological disorders, including functional dystonia

2021 DNA Awareness Month Webinar – Physiotherapy research

In this webinar senior neurological physiotherapist and PhD candidate Melani Boyce discusses her research into dystonia

2021 DNA Awareness Month Webinar – Musician’s and Forearm Dystonia

In this webinar Sydney Movement Disorder Neurologist Dr Florence Chang talks about musician’s and forearm dystonia

2021 DNA Awareness Month Webinar – Deep Brain Stimulation

Dr Julian Rodrigues did a webinar on deep brain stimulation however due to audio issues we have provided a transcript of the webinar

Short Film – Dystonia

Watch this short film about a musician who develops dystonia and is told that she will no longer be able to play music again. From Australian film company Corgipaw Films. To watch a version of the film with subtitles click here.

2020 – Professor Tom Warner – Dystonia Drug Treatment

In this short video for Dystonia Europe, Professor Tom Warner describes the drugs commonly used to treat dystonia

2018 Dr Alex Lehn – Functional Neurological Disorder

In this webinar Brisbane movement disorder neurologist Dr Alex Lehn talks about functional neurological disorder for FND Hope

2016 Dr Florence Chang – What is Dystonia

Sydney movement disorder neurologist Dr Florence Chang talks about dystonia for the Brain Foundation

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