Cervical Dystonia On-line Survey

This survey is being conducted by University of Technology Sydney PhD student Melani Boyce. It seeks opinions of people with cervical dystonia on the strategies they employ to manage their dystonia. To access the survey please click here.

Cervical Dystonia Research Study – Melbourne

This study is being conducted by Deakin University researchers. They are seeking people with a diagnosis of cervical dystonia to participate in a trial involving Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), a non-invasive brain stimulation technique. To find out more about the study please click here.

Alfred Neuroscience Bio-databank

The Bio-databank has been established at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne to collect clinical data and biological samples from people with a number of neurological diseases and conditions such as dystonia. To participate, you must be a patient of Alfred Health. For more information please click here.

Global Dystonia Registry

This is a worldwide initiative of the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation. People with dystonia are invited to join the registry and supply information about their dystonia. By collecting information from different patient populations across the world it is hoped that the de-identified data will be able to be used to support future dystonia studies, including clinical and research trials. To find out more about the Global Dystonia Registry and join please click here.

All Australian Clinical Trials

To search for an Australian clinical trial for any condition please click here.