Movement Disorder Neurologists

We have lists of movement disorder neurologists in each Australian state and territory. Please note that you will need a referral to see one of these specialists

Allied Health

We have lists of neurological physiotherapists, rehabilitation and speech therapists who specialise in neurological disorders. Please discuss referral with your treating specialist

Treatment Options

Read about the most common treatment options for dystonia

Support and Mental Health

Looking after your mental health is important when you have dystonia. Find support groups and mental health resources

Other Service Providers

We provide links to Australian organisations to help you navigate Australian health systems and also information and resources on issues such as general health information, medicines, pain management and your rights as a health consumer

International Organisations

Find links to international dystonia and consumer health organisations

Real Stories

A number of people with dystonia have shared their journeys about how their symptoms developed, their diagnosis, treatments and how dystonia has impacted their lives

Books about Dystonia

There are few books written by or for people with dystonia. We have links to a fiction book, non-fiction books and a physiotherapy handbook which you may find interesting and useful