In September 2023 our members, family and friends sent us photos of their pets and we found out just how important they are in supporting us!
Children and staff at Goldfields Family Centre and Supported Playgroup with Betty the blue tongue lizard (far right). Betty currently lives in the Gems (babies) room. The children enjoy her company and are very gentle with her!
Winner of Pets for Dystonia competition – congratulations Amanda, Nala and Bax!

Nala (Husky x Malamute) is 8 years old and has a heart of gold. She knows when I’m having bad days and doesn’t leave my side. She loves swimming and chasing birds. She is curious in nature causing her to run away once only to be found sleeping behind the local KFC. She has arthritis so sometimes I feel like we truly understand each other. She is the most intelligent dog I’ve ever met.

Bax (Rottweiler x) is 4 years old and a mumma’s boy. He was a rescue dog and was very timid to begin with. To this day we can still see him have some trauma, but it’s nothing a cuddle and ball cannot solve. He does enough running to make up for me not being able to, and he doesn’t leave my side, which means I can walk them both, only having to have Nala on a leash. He knows the bad days and always rests his head on my when I’m resting.

– Amanda

Pets for Dystonia competition runner up – congratulations Sharon and Cody!

Cody is kissing me for comfort while I am getting my Botox injections from the neurologist.  

Cody has been a constant source of support, being able to read my body before I even know what’s going on. He will stare at me, tap me, kiss me, do whatever is necessary to comfort or alert me to danger of myself (ie: when exhausted). He also monitors me when I’m sleeping to make sure I’m breathing.  

Not professionally trained, he has a gifted instinct that is remarkable. He will bark at a stranger, yet when the ambulance shows up, he allows them in, not a word out of him. I am truly lucky to have him.” 


Laraine with Gus and Cleo
Macy is a 7 year old rescue dog who we fostered during COVID and adopted last year. She is very clever and has learnt a lot of new tricks” – Linda
Cheeky Harry and Boston love sun baking on their blue beach chair! They mean the world to me and keep me active and smiling” – Liz
Zuki is 14 years old and loves nothing more than being with me. If I’m having a bad day he will happily lie on the lounge all day next to me” – Denise
Alfie keeps me active as he likes to be walked twice a day. I love getting out with him and meeting other dog owners – it always lifts my mood” – Peter
Kenny is an appreciative and kind companion, full of laughter and energy. All our dogs give unconditional care and affection.” – Wendy
Patch is generously loving and empathetic, she willingly shares her friendship, but not when it involves food!” – Wendy
Toby is reassuringly loyal and forgiving, patiently considerate yet determined. Our dogs warm our hearts constantly.” – Wendy

Joey and Chandler are my girlfriend’s daughter’s puppies and are named after characters on the show Friends. They are Chiweenies and love to play, but more than anything, they love to sit on your lap.

Joey (black) is a bit lazy and his favourite activity is rolling himself up into a blanket like a cocoon. He is literally afraid of his own shadow! Chandler (tan) loves to be active and is super friendly and always wants to position himself so he can see everyone in the room. When he first sees you he says hello for about 15 minutes, bringing you every toy he owns with his tail wagging faster than a tornado.

Joey and Chandler absolutely melted my heart when I saw them and I fell in love instantly.

– Tom

“Elric is my little shadow. I couldn’t do anything around the house without him as he follows me everywhere and ‘helps’ in his own special way – usually by meowing loudly” – Jordan
“Cooper came to live with me when his owner was in hospital but he has made himself at home here and I don’t think he will ever leave. He loves lying on my lounge” – Robyn
“Minnie is a very anxious dog. She loves the quiet life and is happiest sitting on my lap” – Robyn
“This is a photo of our much loved fur babies – Adelaide is our calico cat, and Joe Joe is our 10 month old Daschund. They are very much significant members of our family” – Justin and Jenny
“This is Bubble and his bestie, Oreo. Bubble is my support through everything that happens. He loves to give cuddles and head bumps (kitty kisses) when I feel unwell. Oreo lives downstairs and Bubble loves to play and tackle and fight kitten-style when he is off duty as support-cat for dystonia. They are a pair of mischief makers, as seen in their ‘cattitude’ in this photo” – Lyn
Celebrations at Goldfields Family Centre and Supported Playgroup

Thank you to everyone who helped raise awareness of dystonia in 2023!

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