Dystonia can affect the individual physically, emotionally, socially, at work and in daily living activities.  It can cause depression and anxiety. These health symptoms can have as big an impact as the physical symptoms and should be discussed with your neurologist, GP or mental health professional.

A number of support groups operate online and in person throughout Australia, however in person support groups have unfortunately been affected by COVID-19. The purpose of a support group is to help people with dystonia and carers by giving comfort and encouragement and an ability to share experiences. They are not a substitute for medical treatment and their purpose is not to provide medical advice.

DNA member Zoom chats
In the absence of in person support groups, DNA arranges monthly Zoom chats with members from all over Australia. The dates of upcoming Zoom chats can be found on the front page and also in the members’ section of our website.

In addition you may find the following links to support helpful.

SA Dystonia Support Group – The Hospital Research Foundation Group Parkinson’s – South Australia
This group offers regular lunches and occasional information sessions and seminars in South Australia. The group welcomes people with all forms of dystonia, family, friends, carers and professionals in the field.
Facilitated by Margot Dean
Email: sadystonia@gmail.com (The Hospital Research Foundation Group – Parkinson’s)
Phone: 08 8357 8909 (The Hospital Research Foundation Group – Parkinson’s. Ask for the Client Engagement Team)
Below is the group’s schedule for 2024:
SA Dystonia Support Group Schedule 2024

Australian Dystonia Support Group (ADSG)
The ADSG has a website and an active Facebook group which people with dystonia, their family members or carers can join. Their details are below:
Australian Dystonia Support Group – Facebook
Australian Dystonia Support Group – Website

Australian Dysphonia Network Inc. (ADN)
The ADN has a website and a Facebook page. Their details are below:
Australian Dysphonia Network – Facebook
Australian Dysphonia Network – Website

FND Australia
This website has information for people with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) and a searchable database of Australian health professionals with expertise in Functional Neurological Disorders.
FND Australia

FND AUSLAND – Functional Neurological Disorder Australia & New Zealand
This organisation has a Facebook group with over one thousand members. The link to their Facebook group is below.
FND AUSLAND – Facebook

Head to Health
This website is an initiative of The Australian Department of Health and Aged Care. It offers multiple ways of searching for digital mental health resources. If you would like to speak to a mental health professional you can call 1800 595 212 from Monday to Friday during business hours.

Page updated 3 December 2023