Physiotherapy in dystonia is complex and its effect depends on the type of dystonia being treated. For instance postural training and head control exercises can be helpful for people with cervical dystonia (neck dystonia). Other treatments such as massage and stretching do not suit everyone and might even worsen symptoms for a short time in some people, while others gain benefit. Physiotherapy cannot cure dystonia but it may work alongside other treatments such as botulinum toxin, provide relief and help you feel more in control of your symptoms. It is important to understand that muscles do not behave normally in dystonia so you should contact a Neuro Physiotherapist who understands the condition or is willing to discuss your treatment with someone who is experienced to get the best effect. Please find a link here to our list of allied health professionals which includes physiotherapists who specialise in neurological disorders and neurological rehabilitation.


If you would like a copy of Jean-Pierre Bleton’s physiotherapy handbook please contact us with your request and provide your postal address. There is no cost for the book but there is a postage and handling fee of $10.50. This can be paid into our bank account: Account Name: Dystonia Network of Australia Inc. BSB: 633 000. Account No: 163 138 233.
With thanks to Merz Pharmaceuticals and Debbie Marques for providing these books.

Dystonia Europe Physio Hub – Cervical Dystonia

In 2022 Dystonia Europe launched an online platform for physiotherapists to access a range of exercises for patients with cervical dystonia. Physiotherapists around the world can apply for access to use the platform, which is free. There are over 100 exercises they can choose from in order to create a program that is suitable for their patient. After the physiotherapist creates the program they send a link to the patient who can then log on to view their specific program. Please note that the hub is designed for use by physiotherapists. Patients can only access it after their physiotherapist registers and sends them a link for their specific exercises.

If you are currently seeing a physiotherapist, you may wish to raise this with them as they may not be aware of this platform. Link to Dystonia Europe Physio Hub.

Page reviewed 31 January 2024