– Lily (aged 7)Dystonia – “Muscles behaving badly”
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"Jump For Dystonia" DNA Seminar August 2015Jump For Dystonia

Welcome to Dystonia Network of Australia Inc.

Dystonia is a movement disorder characterised by muscle contractions which can cause abnormal movements, twisting and postures of any part of the body. It may also be accompanied by tremor and pain. Dystonia Network of Australia Inc. (DNA) is the peak body in Australia for adults and children with all forms of dystonia. We provide a pathway to support, information, literature and community awareness for adults and children living with dystonia and their carers and health providers.

Our aims

  • To provide appropriate, researched information for adults and children with dystonia, their carers and interested health providers
  • To increase community awareness of the condition
  • To fund seminars, educational forums and assist with research into dystonia

Dystonia Awareness Month is here!

Awareness Month Q & A interviews
Read our first two Awareness Month Q & A interviews here.

Awareness Month Radio Interview
Listen to Trish and DNA committee member Wendy raise awareness in an interview with Goldfields FM here.

Awareness Month Videos
Watch our awareness month videos on Australian dystonia research and genetics in dystonia here.

Pets for Dystonia Competition!

Our competition is open to members, family and friends. Take a photo of your pet or you with your pet (or soft toy for children) and have something blue in the photo. Write a few words about what your pet means to you and email it to info@dystonia.org.au by 22nd September 2023. Entries will be displayed on our website and the winning entry will receive a $100 gift voucher and the runner up a $50 gift voucher.

What is Dystonia?

It’s the third most common movement disorder after Parkinson’s and Essential Tremor. Read about the types of dystonia, causes and treatments

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Newly Diagnosed?

Find movement disorder neurologists, allied health professionals, support organisations and read stories from people with dystonia

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Videos and Webinars

Watch informative videos and webinars about dystonia by specialist health professionals

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Dystonia Research

Read up to date articles and research papers about all aspects of dystonia from both Australia and overseas

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Latest Dystonia News

September is Dystonia Awareness Month

Watch our first awareness month video here. Find out what’s happening during September and how you can help raise awareness

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Q & A interview series

Read our 5 minute interviews with author, life coach and dystonia advocate Tom Seaman and dystonia researcher Jordan Morrison-Ham.

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Downloadable Dystonia Brochures

Access our downloadable brochures which have recently been updated

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Funding for Australian Research

During 2022 & 2023 DNA contributed funds to Australian dystonia research projects

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Books by and for people with Dystonia

Read books written by, about or for people with dystonia including the new fiction book about the dystonia journey of one of our members

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Member Zoom Chats

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Friday 29th September
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Can dystonia be caused by stress?

Frequently Asked Questions

Stress does not cause dystonia

But symptoms often get worse in stressful situations. This happens in most movement disorders.

Can dystonia go into remission?

Frequently Asked Questions

A small percentage of people will experience remission

Or a lessening of symptoms of their dystonia but these symptoms often return. 

Is tiredness a part of my dystonia?

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people report tiredness as part of their symptoms.

Tiredness could be due to the energy expended with constant involuntary movements.