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Hi Brian
you have certainly been through the mill but hopefully the neurologist you see next week can sort things out for you
I hope he is a movement disorder Neurologist because that’s who you need to get this condition sorted.
I’ve had cd for about 33 years now after my youngest daughter was born if you look at some of the stories on the site you will find mine
I know what you mean about driving but I found if I got a good headrest and sat back into it it supported my head so I could drive
that didn’t help changing lanes I always changes kms before I needed to because I needed a big break in the traffic I couldn’t look without
my head spasming it was so hard so a good break gave me the time to do it
I had dbs surgery 10 years ago which has been life changing for me its a long road and takes a few years for them to get the settings right
but well worth it
I think we have all tried every alternative therapy which may have given limited improvement but has never been lasted but you need to try for yourself
so good luck with that and keep us updated of any improvement you have
once again good luck next week I hope you get the help you need