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Hi Margot

Thanks for your response. I’ll resend my email to your correct address to avoid repeating myself.
I have found the missing emails and yes, I have been in contact with JamesMcloughlin. He was very interested and actually initiated the contact. He was going to think about how to further the issue as I suggested maybe one of his Masters students could do a small study on the Cross Method.

I’m assuming we need to have a research study first, as Dr Fung suggested that was the way to go, but maybe that’s the hard way. If we found a neurophysiotherapist interested enough to train or send a staff member to train then we could build up support for the method, keep meticulous records (including video for example) and a study could come later. However it’s really important that the method is implemented here in a rigorous way, sticking to the principles. If someone just ‘gives it a go’ the results may not be convincing and the whole thing would fizzle. It’s too precious for that.

Thanks for Lynley’s email address. Pity she is going back to Auckland, but actually that may be a very good thing as I’m also in contact with a senior physiotherapist called Julie Rope from a Neurorehab in Auckland who has also expressed a great interest in the method.

I think it would be a great thing if you could get the word out. I’m not familiar with the big picture as you seem to be. Certainly talk to James, to keep the issue active.

I’m in the process of translating the little brochure from the Physio Centre in Germany, need to get it checked by a German scientist friend here and will post you a copy as well as emailing the translation, as soon as I can. But life right now is hectic with many things on the go, so it will be a week or two.

Many thanks for your interest,