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Hi. I’m Denise and I was diagnosed with cervical dystonia in December 2017. It seems my dystonia is caused by medication I was prescribed during my treatment for PTSD and I now also have tardive dyskinesia as a result. I had successful Botox treatment last December and the effects lasted over four months. I’ve just had my second round this week. I’ve not taken much medication recently but I’m starting Epilem next week for the tardive dyskinesia which I’m a bit nervous about. I exercise regularly as I want to stay fit and have been given some good exercises and stretches by a physio who has experience with neurological disorders. Although I have my own neuro, my treatment is being managed by a Neuropsychiatrist at the Neuropsychiatric Institute at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney. I’ve found him to be very good and the Institute has a lot of experience with drug induced movement disorders.
Reading previous posts here, the program in Germany sounds very promising. I’d be keen for any updates or to know if there is interest by neuros here (before I have more Botox and make myself ineligible!)