National Patient Organisation Network Australia

DNA advocates for people with dystonia and works in collaboration with other patient organisations. DNA is an active member of the National Patient Organisation Network Australia (previously the Australian Patient Organisation Network) which works to support patient organisations with a cohesive and collaborative approach to address common goals. Membership has grown to 135 organisations. Kerrie and Laraine attended their inaugural conference in May 2019.

Review Paper for Dystonia with the Australasian Neuroscience Nursing Association

Laraine McAnally, DNA’s Public Officer and Secretary is a retired Clinical Nurse Consultant in Movement Disorders. She has been collaborating on a review paper on dystonia with David Tsui, the Chair of the Movement Disorder Chapter of the Australasian Neuroscience Nursing Association (ANNA) and a dedicated team of nurses from within the chapter. The idea behind this initiative is that from the publication a self directed learning package will be developed, and a collection of relevant articles and video resources will then be sourced from within and outside the group. This will be considered as tier one education for nurses looking to upskill in dystonia and it is hoped that further tiers will be added in the same fashion to keep expanding the competence level.

Requested that healthdirect add a page specifically for the condition Dystonia

Along with the Australian Dystonia Support Group we noted that the national public health information site healthdirect did not have a specific page for dystonia. We requested they publish one and it can be found here.