Dr. Florence Chang

Dear All, here is a research project from Doctor Florence Chang being carried out at Westmead Hospital.

“Participants with writer’s cramp or cervical dystonia needed for research into what is the cause of primary dystonia at Westmead hospital
Age 18 or above with writer’s cramp or cervical dystonia
1 hour surface electromyography to see how muscle activate during posture compared to movement
1 hour transcranial magnetic stimulation to check brain excitability during posture compared to movement tasks
1 hour functional brain MRI to look at brain activity during postural compared to movement task”
My contact details are below and email is: Florence.chang@health.nsw.gov.au
Florence Chang
Staff Specialist in Neurology
Neurology Department,
Level 1, Block AB,
Westmead Hospital
Corner Darcy Road and Hawkesbury Road
Phone: +61 2 8890 8908
Fax: +61 2 9635 6684
With permission of  Dr Florence Chang.



Florence Chang is recruiting for her PhD on movement and postural control in dystonia patients. She is recruiting patients with writer’s cramp or cervical dystonia who live in the Sydney area and are willing to travel to Westmead Hospital. Contact DNA for details.


Dr Florence Chang Dystonia Webinar dated Tue, Jun 7th, 2016 has now been added to the Brain Foundation website, anybody  wishing to view please go to: