September, which is Dystonia Awareness Month, is fast approaching

What DNA is doing in September to raise awareness

  • Arranging a series of short videos by Australian health professionals and researchers on different topics relating to dystonia. These will be available on our YouTube channel and our website. They’ll be short (limited to no more than 10 minutes) and we hope you will find them interesting and informative
  • Running our 30 second awareness ad on as many local and community radio stations as we can
  • Ensuring neurologists’ rooms are stocked with DNA brochures
  • Arranging a Zoom get together for members
  • Designing awareness posters that can be displayed in your workplace, shopping centres, libraries and community centres
  • Holding a Jump for Dystonia competition for members, families and friends
  • More activities will be added in the coming weeks

What YOU can do in September to raise awareness

  • Learn more about dystonia by reading a research article. Some new ones have been added to our website here
  • Check your neurologist’s rooms for our DNA brochures and if they aren’t there or are running low, contact us and we will send them more
  • Ask your local community radio station if they would like to run our 30 second ad
  • Dress in blue for a day in recognition of dystonia
  • Watch the short film ‘Dystonia’ here which is based on the story of Margot, one of our members
  • More suggestions will be added in the coming weeks