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Thank you for understanding Margot!! Technology and I are continually getting acquainted 🙃
Yes making connections through other opportunities, as you say with the Parkinsons group is such a good space to build relationships that may spill into the DNA space. Your comment about commitment to dates makes sense. It can be scary to lock in but is a good reality. I know with family/ friends working around a given time/ date to catch up is helpful ( and almost liberating) as everyone knows where they are at. I know the committee do a great job with emails so maybe making additions as you suggested is a great idea. I guess it is a balance of not wanting to overwhelm the email space with too much info…. again I do not understand technology but I wonder if such ‘Zoom chat publicity ‘ could be put on the cover page of the DNA site also🤔🤔
Lots to contemplate, but it is exciting 😀 😄
REALLY appreciate that we are having these conversations together everyone- Thank you!