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Understanding what the possibilities are for this platform would be good for adding the options you suggested Margot- making it more readily accessible (then maybe visited more often)😁, yes and getting the word out to other members on the process of using, in order to keep communicating a little more current. I know Denise has made suggestions but maybe there is other ways 🤔
Knowing how our comment’s are regulated really important- how privacy protected and content posted is regulated by admin. Even how our typos/ mistakes can be corrected🤔
Maybe this is something stated elsewhere but would be good to have this information readily accessible to be viewed.
We want to make it easier and more attractive for members to use, if they wish, so conversation can happen.
– as an aside I would love to know how/ if possible to post photos- visually it would be great to add some color to the forum if possible ( I know that is not as important as the nuts and bolts of just using/ accessing it though).
Looking forward to hearing more!!