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A few ideas I had:
– I realised I needed to click ‘subscribe’ to get notifications of new posts. This should help me use it more. If my inbox gets too full with notifications, I’ll unsubscribe and instead check the forum every now and then.
– Members may need to be informed about the ‘subscribe’ function. Perhaps you could include brief instructions at the top of the forum, and who to contact if you get stuck.
– There are a few steps to get from the front page of the site to the forum. Perhaps try a button on the front page to go straight to the forum, if it’s something we’re using often.
– It does get awkward to use when replies go over more than one page because the latest reply appears on another page. Perhaps the interface settings allow this to be reversed, where the newest reply appears at the top? Or do the settings allow you to limit replies to one page, so we need to start a new post if the thread gets too long?
– It would be good to have a statement about how the forum is moderated, rules and privacy.
Hope that helps!