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I have no specific swallowing difficulties but as a side effect of botox therapy I do have a little leakage of drinks sloppy foods into my windpipe which causes me to cough sometimes, sometimes a lot.

Of course I have to acknowledge that your dystonia affects many more parts of your body than mine and has obviously had a bigger impact on your life. Since joining the Dystonia Network I have become much more aware of others issues and how problematic treatment is.

I do realise that while dysphonia has had some impacts on me, but with the botox therapy, I have been able to carry on with life as usual, mostly. After 18 years of treatment we have settled on an ideal dose for me. With botox I have been able to talk on the radio and telephone, work, make speeches and even sing in a choir. I will admit that all these things were done better depending where I was in my treatment cycle. Sometimes just after injection my voice was too soft and leading up to injection the dysphonia was taking over.
Will be great to have a few more members introduce themselves too.