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Hi my name is Maria I was diagnosed in 2020 just before covid I have cervical dystonia caused by trauma a work accident in 2011 then being assaulted at work by a patient in 2012 and 2013 on and off through the years severe neck pain headaches vertigo constant neck tightness was treated with Stemitel which actually worsened the condition which I have only just found out as well as physio osteopathic chiropractic sessions lots of Panadol and neurogenic
I have now received 4 lots of Botox therapy the 3rd session did not work so my neurologist changed it up as my neck was still tilting to the left he has injected more on the left side then right seems to be doing okay but I have also asked them about CBD oil for the pain as Panadol osteo no longer working and I’m not keen on taking any other drugs it’s been a steep learning curve as I’m still trying to work out work and lifestyle