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Hi Wayne and everyone,

I’ve just joined this group and noticed you’re on the Central Coast like me Wayne.

My story is that I’m 55, married with 2 adult kids.
Around November last year I developed stiffness in my neck followed by my head rotating to the left.
After seeing a chiropractor,physio and having acupuncture I was eventually referred to a neurosurgeon. An MRI showed spinal canal stenosis. The surgeon couldn’t explain the head rotation but said if I didn’t have surgery and had a car accident and whiplash I could end up as a quadriplegic or 6 foot under. She said she hoped the surgery would resolve the head rotation too.
I had a cervical laminectomy and fusion of C4-7 in February and of course my problems didn’t go away.
I saw a neurologist last month and got told I have cervical dystonia.

He has given me 2 small amounts of Botox over the last month which have done nothing.
My question is that although you’re not supposed to have Botox more often than every 3 months, has anyone else been given top ups in the first dosing round till they get to the right dose to do the job?
I read somewhere that it’s more about the total amount of Botox rather than the frequency.

Wayne, I was wondering who you see on the Central Coast and if they’re any good?
I’ve been trying to speak to my Neurologist since last Thursday since I’m in a real mess and I can’t get passed the receptionists!

If you want to email me directly rather than in this public space please let me know and I’ll give you my email address.