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Thanks Robyn & Denise.

I see the neurologist (one of the WA ones listed on here) on Monday, so I’ll see what he has to say.

Most of the time the “head pull” isn’t too bad, mainly when out walking or driving. I’m constantly trying new things, such as doing small regular head “flicks” to the right, which seems to avoid the head pulling down to the left. Also leaning my head slightly forward and down, then looking over the top of my glasses, seems to hold off the head pull.

These are just other sensory tricks I guess, but less obvious that constantly having to touch my face, neck or head.

My only pain currently is like a pulled muscle in my left shoulder blade which I did doing exercises planned by a physio in early February. It keeps hanging around as is affecting sleep now, Denise’s mention of finding a physio with Dystonia knowledge appeals.