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My name is Michael and I was diagnosed with Cervical Dystonia over 7-8 years ago. I specifically have issues with my neck muscles which spasm and go out of control which are also exacerbated in stressful situations, especially when it comes to my working life.

Many years ago before the diagnosis I was using diazepam heavily until I was diagnosed and moved onto being treated with Botox without the need of using diazepam for many years. Unfortunately I’ve had failures in the Botox treatment and required dual treatments so we included an anticholinergic which was also working great with both that and the Botox.

I am now finding that recently I have had failed treatments and now gone back to multiple methods of treatment from Botox including top-up injections, anticholinergics and now diazepams to stop the spasms.

Life has become much more difficult as the disease I feel has progressed and my body has become adapt to the treatment. My work life is now being impacted severely due to the diazapam to stop the spasms.

Working is very difficult because I feel I make people uncomfortable with my spasms so I have been forcing myself to use diazapam to stop the spasms. How does everyone deal with work life?