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Hi Margaret

Good to hear from you.
I didn’t actually receive your email but if you ever want to email me I’m at: emailtomargot@gmail.com

I also have Lynley’s email: Lynley.Bradnam@wintec.ac.nz.
From September her email address will be at University of Auckland so you will need to recheck if emailing then.

Really glad you have talked to Melani.

Would there be some information you could email me about the Cross Method, and I could forward it to James McLoughlin (Advanced Neuro Rehab) to see if he could get some staff to learn it. I wonder if it’s at all possible to learn it via skype or a video.

There are also one or two other neuro physio practices I have heard of around Australia who might be able to take it up. Also I think there is a functional retraining centre in Perth, also one in Queensland.

I could try and get the word out there and see if someone jumps at it. I realise there are limitations in Australia with treatment costs but I guess we have to start somewhere and see where it can go.

Warm regards