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Hi Julie

Many thanks for your interest. I’ve had a long talk to Gabi, the physio here, and she would be most happy to communicate by email with you. Her contact is info@torticollis-behandlung.de. (In Germany and many European countries cervical dystonia is called torticollis.) She speaks pretty good English. She is concerned that the number of treatments needed for this condition may make it too expensive in Australia. IN Germany patients get the physio and massage through their medical system if they don’t want botox. Whereas in Australia people are funded for botox treatment I understand. It would be natural for many to choose this treatment over one that is expensive and requires an awful lot of hard work with exercises for months and often years. Although I assume people still have to cover the cost of regular appointments with their neurologist to get the injections, and that wouldn’t come cheaply!. Some people of course have no choice. Life without botox is simply unmanageable.
The other problem is that most physios may never treat a person with dystonia, or only very rarely. So a practitioner would need to work in a hospital or specialist centre together with a group of neurologists where there are many more dystonia clients who might choose this treatment over the alternatives. That would be hard to achieve. I’m not sure how things are handled in N.Z.or how well your government provides for medical and physio treatments.
If you can get some funding through your organisation it would not take long at all to learn the Cross Method. It would require an understanding of the principles which are different to the usual beliefs about cervical dystonia, and then ongoing contact with Gabi online to discuss which of the many exercises are best recommended for each individual, and how they might change over time as progress is made.
My email address is margclough@gmail.com and we can discuss this further via emails.
Very best wishes,